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Decorative Metallic ribbon

Decorative Metallic ribbon
Product name:Decorative Metallic ribbon
Decorative Metallic ribbon features;
1)Materials: Warp thread viscose filament, weft staple rayon. Also the pure polyester fiber or pure woven cotton.
2)Size:0.45CM,1.0CM, 1.3CM, 1.5CM, 2.0CM, 2.2CM, 2.5CM  3.2CM,3.8CM,5.0CM,6.4CM, 7CM,7.5CM,10CM
The stock of above size is sufficient all year round in our factory. If need the special specification, the texture can be set boot. At least 1000 codes for it.
3)Color & design:Self-color,multi-color,inter-color,jumper,ribbon with ears or hearts or lurex etc available.
4) Colour Fastness: wash fastness, friction fastness, solarization fastness and sweat fastness are all above Grade 4.
5) Color card: dye according to Pantone color card of international standard or sample color card supplied by customers.
6)Packing: As per your request

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